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Thread: Quiet

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    All very quiet on here, hope every one is ok
    I've been off for a bit - I simply put MPS to the back of my mind if I can - may seem harsh but it's a coping mechanism since loosing Jazzy.
    I see posts on fb and occasionally respond if I can be of help, but generally keep a low profile.
    I'm here to help if a post requires it

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    I've had quite the busy last few months. I recently moved to Poland and I have been here already for a couple of months. Most MPS related stuff seems to have migrated to Facebook. It makes sense - ease of use on a mobile device and there are so many active people there. It was what killed the forum I used to run.

    I appreciate all the help this forum provided when Maria, Nadia, and I needed it. We would have been so lost without this place.
    Tony M.
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    Maria M. Mother to Nadia (Age 5, MPS-III A)
    Szczecinek, Poland (Polish speaker)

    "Don't count the days; make the days count."

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    I hope all went well with your move to Poland Tony. I still check in on the forum as I am still one of the last people on the planet without a FB page.

    I hope everyone is doing well. We are getting along just fine. Our latest was two weeks ago Jake aspirated on his medicine and ended up with a small area of his lung that became partially collapsed because of it. He recovered and it healed on its own. It certainly is never boring with these sweet kiddos.

    Hope all is well with our forum family.

    Mom to Hannah and Luke (9 - twins) unaffected and Jake (7) MPS IIIA

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    I have never written a lot but a lot of reading. For some time does not have much here. That's a shame.

    My son still has breathing problems. We have received three new drugs. Hope they bring something.

    wish you all a good time.
    send greetings
    with son 2004 (mpsIIIa), son 2005 and daugther 2010

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    You fight the wind, then you defying the storm. Go through the rain laughing, and you overcome the flood.

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