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Wheelchair straps for vehicle
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Thread: Wheelchair straps for vehicle

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    Wheelchair straps for vehicle

    When the kids were here I wanted to buy these ratchet straps for the van to tie down. The supplier bid it at $500. I just came across what appears to be the same things. It is straps for an E track system for truck transportation supplies. Cost $30. I hate that when something is a "medical" need the price sky rockets! If u are ever in need of supplies like this check alternative sources always. You may save big!
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    If it is for a medical need it seems like it gives the manufacturer or supplier the go ahead to skyrocket the price. As if our lives weren't complicated enough!

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    It's that way with a lot of things. The more important the demand, the higher the cost. With medical equipment and many other things. I remember when we had a swimming pool, if you went and bought the pool cleaning products, they were high priced. But then I found out that many of the things could be purchased in my grocery store sold under a different name!
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