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Social Security - Your Experiences
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Thread: Social Security - Your Experiences

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    Social Security - Your Experiences

    The boys sent in the applications and COMPLETE medical history - and were declined. They are over 18. What did we do wrong? I thought MPS was on the auto-yes list.

    Parents of 5 boys- 25, 23, and identical twin 15 years olds. Twins with MPS II. (And I am now a Grandmother!)
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    Seems to me you need to make an appointment and take medical documentation with you on the disease. It should be if over 18 yrs..
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    Patty and Jesse

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    I would make an apt as Patty said and go in as I was also denied (prior to the MPS I being added to the list), it may also be that the wording is very specific on the MPS I approval that only Hurler's automatically qualifies even though our forms are caused by THE VERY SAME GENE ISSUE!? I got it the 3rd try before a Judge who flat out told my lawyer and I he was appalled it had been denied previously as and I quote "how could you work a full time job with as many surgeries, procedures and weekly infusion as you have had?" - Good question! Non-the-less he approved immediately and while I do work a part time job (from home, for a foundation) I can't imagine if I hadn't of gotten SSI as I have spent more time in the hospital and in clinics that I have in my own Apt just about in the past years.
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    Karima has had hers since she was five years old with the MPS diagnosis, and I was even working full time then. I don't understand how or why anyone has to wait so long before applying in different states, its all should be the same federal rules. I constantly keep telling myself I want to move to another state, but I am so afraid about losing services, and medicaid.
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    I cannot believe that they were denied. Were they denied because of disease or due to assets? You may need to talk to an attorney.
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