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Warner Brothers Movieworld on the Gold Coast
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Thread: Warner Brothers Movieworld on the Gold Coast

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    Warner Brothers Movieworld on the Gold Coast

    Juanita and her family recently came to the Gold Coast for medical appointments in Brisbane & we decided to take the kids to Movieworld. My brother in law Mark called them and asked if Damian could meet Batman as that's his hero. They went one step better and got us all a VIP section in the street parade!! This meant, that as all the characters came down the Main Street of Movieworld, they came and shook Damian & Jesse-Roses hand!!!!! Omg it was awesome!

    Batman, cat woman, tweety bird, the green lantern, superman, scooby doo & the gang, and many more! Needless to say the kids eyes were bugging out not to mention the rest of us! Anyway, it goes to show it can't hurt to ask, & if any of you guys go to Movieworld just give them a call!

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    Sounds Awesome. Stevie is big into movies and would love that if we lived close!
    Valerie Barnett

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    That is wonderful!!!
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    Wow, thats great. Thanks for the tip. We are heading up there in March
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    That's wonderful! Warms the heart!
    Lots of love and good wishes
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