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Thread: Yippee

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    Just wanted to post our good news.

    In July , my sister looked into funding for us. We received the phone call today to say its been approved.

    We applied through the "Steve Waugh foundation" , asking for our back verandah area being enclosed, just half way up, wooden flooring, and a ramp to go out the door.

    Noah has fallen out the door umpteen times, Runs and falls over on the concrete pavers, needing sutures , and plenty of trips to hospital, and bruises after bruises on his legs. The flooring will be amazing, a softer landing, and the fence around it will stop Noah going out into the garden when it's raining, stop him picking up the dog poo, until I can get too it, and the ramp will make for far less falls out the door, and easy access later on when Noah's not as mobile.

    Didn't know if they would approve it, but yay, they did. Just have to sign the paper work , send it back and then the work can start.
    Julie Bevan

    Mother to Noah 10 MPSIIIA.( diagnosed 15th July, 2010 ) Justin 27, Adam 24, Nicole 21, Mitchell 15, Joshua 13, Ella 8, Jack 7 all unaffected

    Noahs' site at caringbridge.org (Noahbevan)

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    That's wonderful news! We had a ramp built on the front of our house (also funded) a couple of years ago, and it made life so much easier. It's hard to let our kids have fun when they can't safely navigate their environment. Enjoy!
    Mom to Avery, 14 yrs
    ^^Logan^^, MPS II (6/14/03-3/15/15)
    and Kara, 9 yrs

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    Such wonderful news.

    Mom to Hannah and Luke (9 - twins) unaffected and Jake (7) MPS IIIA

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    Wonderful news! These things can make a huge difference. We're having the bathroom that Daniel uses mainly redone to suit his needs, and it's going to be great! This is being funded too.
    Lots of love and good wishes
    Elizabeth, Peter, Daniel (MPSIIIA born Jan 91) and Samuel (born Nov 93)and Anna Nigina (born Nov 01)
    'I shall not die, but live and tell of the works of the Lord' Psalm 118 v. 1
    Video about Daniel and Sanfilippo,http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPG4w92RgbI
    Daniel's web site: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/danielschuepbach

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    Great news, it's those little things in life that make such a huge difference!!
    God never gives me more than I can handle, though at times I wish the load was lighter :-)
    Love to you all!

    Patty and Jesse

    http://www.caringbridge.org/md/myjesse < click here for Jesse's website

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    That is such great news!
    Valerie Barnett

    Steffany (06/29/95 to 02/26/11) MPSIIIA
    Stevie "BammBamm" (12/14/97 to 12/31/12) MPSIIIA

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    So happy for Noah! Great news!

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