I called the Smith Medical, to ask why has Karima's trachs been on back order for so long, it has been two months, so far But the main thing I want to share is; I asks the Trach Speacialist are there any improved suggestion for cleaning a trach at home. They said to keep what I am doing with the boiling water technique, but they suggested I get a baby bottle warmer, and a bottle of purified water, to have on hand, in my go bag, in case Karima's trach needs to be clean in an emergency. I told them I had to change Karima trach in a public bathroom, and even at home when I used a clean, old trach, that has been wrap in gauze, I still would resterilizes it again, at the same time of the trach change, but I can't do that outside. I know, its an over kill, but I can't help thinking that a dusk particle would get in the store wrap up trach bag.

When I unwrapped the clean, used trach in the public bathroom I saw some lint fiber on the trach, from the gauze. It was pure stress to change the trach in an emergency, but I kept thinking about those lint fibers and those darn saline bullets kept missing the lint, I think I used five saline bullets So, the bottle warmer sounds like a good ideal but again, more supplies to carry.