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IPad iPhone users...
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Thread: IPad iPhone users...

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    IPad iPhone users...

    Not new news but thought I would post for those jumping on board with purchasing the new ipad3 or considering the iPhone.

    helpful Hint/Tip...
    Otterbox Defender case!!!!!

    Jack cracked our first iPad so now we have the otterbox, yesterday iPad took a big spill and nothing happened. Yea!!

    My iPhone has a otterbox case too. Although bulky worth the size!!!!
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    We have the otterbox defener cases for our iPads and it works great. Jake has dropped it a few times and we have not had any problems. Jack also has the same case for his phone and dropped it himself and had no problems.

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    We have Otterboxes for Case's iPad 1 from school as well as on our iPhone 4s phones, but with the iPad 2, we found that the gumdrop military edition case seemed to work best for Case. It has been thrown and dropped many times, unfortunately!
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    I used the otterbox (ebay much cheaper) on my blackberry and worked well but recently found a much slimmer rubber cover for bb from phone carrier and have dropped several times still with no problem + phone looks much more like its original size!
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    I have a otter box for my iphone...I love it and they are lifetime gauranteed
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    Thnx for the advice! We use some kind of leather case and so for it has been working for her (my) iPad. My dauther says it it hers... Do you have any apps to recommend?

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    We have Otterbox for iPad, iPad Mini and iPhone. They've been dropped and no problems either. I think we are Apple junkies...lol. Justin wants his own iPhone (he's 6). Ya right. I was looking at the iPod Nano and wow they aren't cheap.
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