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Laughing Seizures
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Thread: Laughing Seizures

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    Laughing Seizures

    I'm sorry to post with yet another issue. I don't know how much more of this I can take! Logan's teacher called me this morning and said "Logan had a seizure." That just about gave me a heart attack, because I was thinking grand mal seizure, and he's never had one. Fortunately, it wasn't that. What he had was one of his laughing "spells" (since the Neurologist won't diagnose them as seizures). During his normal episodes, he will just start laughing at an inappropriate time for 15-30 seconds at a time. At the worst, his lips will turn a bit blue since he can't catch his breath. Then we have the other kind, which is what this was. This was the third one of these "episodes" that has had (that we know of). What happens is that he will suddenly start laughing hysterically, like someone is tickling him. He loses muscle tone in his legs and can't stand up. All three times, he has collapsed to the floor, still laughing. They last several minutes and it takes him a few more before he can stand and walk. He had OT right after this one today, and she thought his left side was much worse following the "episode". He has been having a lot of his short laughing spells since.

    So, what do you think? I've always thought that his regular laughing spells were more like the laughing seizures that MPS kids seem to have a lot. This seems more like a "real" seizure to me- just manifesting itself as laughing. Like I said, as far as we know, he has had three of these over the past 3 years. The smaller spells probably average one day a week- several spells in clusters. Unless the more serious ones become much more frequent, I'm not ready to risk the side effects of seizure meds, but I would like to know what is going on. I hate having to say "involuntary laughing spells that we think are seizures, but the neurologist doesn't agree" every time I talk about what is going on. Have I mentioned lately how much I hate MPS?????
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    Nicholas has never experienced this type of seizures-that I know of-so I am not much help.
    I do know with all seizures Nicholas has had there are lost skills-so demand a consult after the experts get on here and help you figure out what is going on.
    Good Luck
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    Well, I wrote a repay and its not here so I'll write another one.

    I don't have any experience here so I can't comment about the seizure issue

    I just wanted to tell you NOT to feel bad about asking a question, it's what we are here for!!!

    I hope someone will come along with some experience and help shed some light on this.


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    Will had these until we went back on seizures meds (sorry to have to tell you that!) I think its pretty certain its seizure but you know if you don't do anything he may get worse -of course I'm not a doc or anything but just wish I acted on Will's sooner Hugs xxx
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    Sounds like 'Cataplexy' to me - (though I'm not a doctor!) . I understand that this can be quite common (though not exclusive to) for MPS children - I might be completely wrong, but if it is cataplexy, then I don't think it necessarily has to be treated with seizure meds.
    You could discuss Cataplexy with Logan's consultant/neurologist & get their thoughts.

    Click on link below for info about cataplexy -


    And don't worry about posting about 'another issue'! It's not an issue to us, we're here to help (hopefully anyway!)
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    Hi , Our Rebecca gets those type of seizures . During the day but more so in the middle of the night . She has epilepsy since she was 5 years of age . She goes into hysterics of laughter . We actually enjoy it .

    Tony & Lorraine


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    I don't know if you got to see or heard about the Harrison Ford movie 'Extraordinary Measures' . In the movie, the parents of 2 children with Pompe find a reasearcher [Harrison Ford] who eventually does come up with the cure for Pompe....but before they are sure the enzyme has worked both children post infusion start to laugh hysterically ....That was proof enough for Ford that the treatment worked...as he said...'They are laughing because they are on a sugar high....the enzyme is breaking up all the strings of sugar molecules and releasing it into their system....and the sugar is making them laugh'

    Now I certainly cannot attest to the accuracy of such a statement, but would that it were to be true and every time these 'laughing spells' occur, sugar strands were dissolving......

    One can only hope
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    You are right Claudia, that would be awesome if every time one of our baby's laughed it was due to sugar molecules breaking up!! Maybe if we all band together and hope our hearts out it will come to pass...

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    William always had his laughing seizures when he was sitting down. He could stop if you distracted him. The laughing lit up the whole room. It never progressed to where it was dangerous, just silly contagious happiness. William takes Trileptal for Grand Mal seizures.

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