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Pain in legs or feet

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[QUOTE=Anja;872952]Hello, I wish you a very happy new year :hi!! My name is Anja and my daughter Michelle (12 years) is suffering from MPSIIIB. We come from Germany. Michelle has many skills but during the last few months she seems to have pain when she is walking (Michelle turns her feet outward when she is going - but from the beginning ). Unfortunately it is not possible for her to localize the pain. I always thought that the cognitive skills disappear first and then the kids have difficulties in walking and other motoric things. Concerning cognitive abilities she has not lost many things. She is able to read, she speaks good, she is potty trained and she plays a lot with her toys. Furthermore she can swim, ride a bicycle and a scooter. But she is very unsettled and restless.

Has someone the same experience? It breaks my heart seeing her limping and having pain :banghead.
Thanks a lot for your help.

Best regards,
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