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March 11th, 2004, 12:01 PM
Hey everyone,
Heres the deal (I am frustrated). I just got of the phone with the patient advocate for the childrens hospital. She said she talked to the nurse manager of cardiology and that she said she would talk to the nurse about the things that she said to/about Seth. I feel like thats not enough. I dont want the nurse to lose her job or anything but I want something to be done other than "slapping her on the hand" and telling her to be nice. Thats where I need your input, some of you have been dealing with this longer than me. What are some things I could request be done that would make me feel better? The only thing I thought of is maybe a written apology from the nurse as well as the nurse manager. I did tell the advocate that I will be writting a letter to the nurse manager because I didnt feel that going through the advocates has resolved anything.

Laura Brodie
March 11th, 2004, 02:47 PM
I would ask for a written apology-We got one when a car park attendant at the children's hospital thought it would be fun to teese me about 'using my credit card to get into a disabled space in the car park :mad: At the time he didn't realise my six foot husband was in the car-as Dave got out he backed off but actually I really lost my temper as we were very late for an appt. cause of him :cry: and told him I hoped he never had a kid who was terminally ill!!! I walked straight into the hospital and complained -His manager sacked him immediately! :frown: Then Dave and I spent half an hour persuading him an apology will do!! :whatthe?: Actually the guy who was very young bought Will a present and wrote an apology -now I get treated like the queen when I go there!!! Love Laura

Sharon Cochenour
March 11th, 2004, 05:12 PM
Good for you Laura. He should of had to do community service with disabled child or volunteer in a physical medicine clinic at the hospital and he probably wouldn't think it was funny.
As far as the nurse in Cardiology Misty, Chances are with an MPS child you will see them again. I would have to insist on an apology in person to you and to Seth. I think the hospital should come up with some kind of token for you also because you chose to take your child to their hospital.
I work ay Ohio State University Hospital and when you complain about someone, the hospital makes you apologize in person and you do get a gift certificate to the gift shop,local toy store, or
parking tokens, something to say they were wrong and sorry for the inconvience.

Barbara Pryor
March 12th, 2004, 12:04 AM
I agree with my sister( :? Oh no did I say that). The one thing that I would tell them is that it made him feel uncomfortable and she should have to make the apology to him in a way that he would understand. I don't know if Seth can read a letter that they would send to him and have him understand it. Heck, half of the time that they send me apology letters they try to sound so sophisticated and I have to get a dictionary out just to understand what they are saying. Also, this gives Seth a chance to ask her questions like he asked you--Did I do something wrong? Let her feel uncomfortable and try to answer those questions.

March 12th, 2004, 07:12 PM

I agree with Barbara. She should be made to apologize to Seth on his level. And not standing over him. She should be down face to face so that he can ask his questions and she has to look him in the eye when she answers. This will make him a more "real" person to her. I would warn her and her supervisor before hand that she had better be careful how she speaks to him. She would not like the results, if she said anything in any way like she did to start with.